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SIGDEV is a young company providing efficient and high quality software engineering services. We specialise in systems-level and embedded programming, using languages such as C, C++ and Python.

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Systems Development

Our expertise is in low-level development and applications needing maximum efficiency. We've worked extensively with languages such as C and C++, and developed applications that interact closely with the Linux kernel.

Software Architecture

Software needs to be carefully designed, particularly at scale. We can advise on and implement improvements to your system architecture, to reduce bugs and to improve developer productivity.

Clarity & Simplicity

Code needs to be clear, well-tested and well documented to ensure long-term maintenability. We focus on providing software that is easy to understand, maintainable and correct.


Undo Ltd

Undo Ltd develops reversible debugging technology that significantly reduces the cost to find and fix software bugs. Stephen worked in the engineering team and led various important initiatives.

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RealVNC Ltd

RealVNC Ltd develops remote access software and was founded by the inventors of Virtual Network Computing. Stephen worked in the Mobile Team on a number of key projects.

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University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge provides world class Computer Science courses. Stephen supervises a number of courses for the Cambridge colleges.

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Open Source Projects

Loci Programming Language

Loci is a multi-paradigm systems programming language. The compiler is a frontend that targets LLVM IR and has comprehensive support for the language, including classes, templates, polymorphism, exceptions etc.

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llvm-abi is a library for generating LLVM IR that complies with platform ABIs. Typically this is useful for frontends generating code that needs to comply with a target's language-specific ABI, such as a C ABI.

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OpenP2P is a library under development that aims to provide network layers for facilitating decentralised peer-to-peer communication.

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A set of visual simulations, originally written in C++ and subsequently ported to Loci. These include a Boids (flocking birds) simulator, a gravity simulator and a 'checkpoint' simulation.

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Chain Reversi

An implementation of Chain Reversi, a modification of the well known game Reversi, along with a challenging AI. Originally written in C++ and subsequently ported to Loci

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